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We are Liza & Jazmeen, aka, “The Sister Team”. The inspiration behind our website is motivation & love from our parents, our love for reading and learning, and our love for travelling. On this site, we will share book reviews, tips for family activities, STEM resources, and our travel experience. We will review places we visit and products we use. 


Liza is a middle schooler who wants to make a difference in the world. Her hobbies are drawing, playing basketball, and quality family time. She loves writing, so she decided to write a book for other kids to enjoy. Her 3rd grade teacher pushed her to be the best. She’s always making time for family and hopes to help the world any way she can.

Jazmeen is a 4th grader who loves school and math. Her passions are reading and writing. She loves mystery and adventure books, so she decided to write a book of her own. She is always typing ideas, reading, or playing with her sister. She’s a lovable girl who loves to play outdoors, and always stays positive.



Giving Back – Children’s Hospital (2017)

Our parents taught us the importance of always giving back. We organize fundraising events to raise money to help other kids. We work with individuals, schools, and organizations to spread the love of learning. We donate books and other learning materials to individuals and schools in need. 

This holiday season, we are donating 100% of the proceeds from our books’ sales to our local children’s hospital from now till December 25th. Buy a book, help a kid this holiday season.




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Another way you can donate to your local children’s hospital, is to create activity bags for kids. Visit your hospital’s website, and you will find a donation wish list. We appreciate your contribution to brighten a kid’s day this holiday season.

Jazmeen & Liza



Jazmeens Coding Experience

Why I Code as a 9 year old girl……and why you should too

Why I Code as a 9 year old girl……and why you should too

My name is Jazmeen, and I’ve always been interested in coding. I got the chance to code this summer at a STEM camp. I walked into class the first day, and was upset when I realized there were ten students in the class, but I was the only girl in that classroom. I know that girls tend to drift away from STEM classes (science, technology, engineering, math), but girls can do just as much as anybody else. Do you know Grace Hopper? She was born in New York in 1906. During World War ll, she joined the U.S Navy. Grace was responsible for programming the Mark l computer. After the war, she continued to code. Grace even put together a team, and after years of working, they created the famous COBOL coding language. She died on January 1, 1992, and she is celebrated all over the U.S. You could become anything you want to be if you believe in yourself. Don’t let anybody tell you that you can’t do math or code because you’re a girl.

View my U.S.A Trivia game below, an example of a simple code. I coded this game during summer camp. I am currently working on motion in Scratch




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