We both loved the book Refugee so much, for the first time ever, we both decided to write a book review.

Refugee: Engaging and Inspiring

By: Liza D.

I bought the book Refugee at my local book fair and it was an inspiring novel to read. The acclaimed author, Alan Gratz, wrote Refugee about three kids who go on long journeys and face great dangers in search of tomorrow and home.

Josef Landau is a 12-year old Jewish boy living in 1930s Germany when Hitler and the Nazis were in control. After six months with his dad in a concentration camp, Josef, his sister Ruthie, and his parents board a ship to Cuba to escape the Nazis…

Isabel Fernandez is living in the town of Havana as an 11-year old Cuban girl in 1994. Ever since Cuba hit rock bottom, the entire country has been starving. With riots and desperation taking over her home, Isabel, her family, and friends sail across the sea on a raft, hoping for a new start in America, in el norte…

12-year old Syrian boy Mahmoud Bishara is living in Syria in 2015, a country torn apart by violence and a tyrant. Soon, Mahmoud and his family begin a long journey to Europe…

As I read each kid’s story, I really felt what they were feeling – anger, sadness, and hope that there would be a tomorrow. Each kid stuck up for what was right and never turned their back on their family when things got tough. This book is a great example of bravery and the quest for home.





By Jazmeen E.

The book Refugee is about three different kids that embark on a journey to escape war and famine in their countries.

One of the kids, Josef, was 12-years old and living in Germany in 1930. Hitler was the leader at the time, so his family was forced to leave their country, where they embarked on a journey for safety to Cuba.

Mahmoud was 12, and living in Syria during the year 2015. His home was destroyed, so his 10-year old brother Waleed, 1-year old sister Hannah, and his father and mother set off to find safety in Europe.

Isabel was an 11-year old Cuban girl living in the year 1994. Isabel’s father had been to jail before, and because of the recent riots he had participated in, when the current ruler passed a law allowing people to leave, the family set off on a dangerous journey to el norte.

I enjoyed this book because of the suspense, danger, sadness and hope. I especially liked how all of the kids were tied together at the end of the story. It created a feeling that could only be described as happiness.      

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