Beyond the Kingdoms

The Land of Stories

By: Chris Colfer


The book, Beyond the Kingdoms, is about when Alex and Conner Bailey find the Masked Man stealing a blue potion, jumping through books, and recruiting a literary army! The twins try to follow him, but he separates them with no way of getting home! Can the Bailey twins find each other and save the fairy tale world before the Masked Man takes over?

I love this book because it has a lot of suspense and action, much like the rest of the books in the series, The Land of Stories.

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An Author’s Odyssey

Land of Stories

By: Chris Colfer


The book, An Author’s Odyssey is about when Conner and Alex Bailey discover that the Masked Man is their uncle, and has destroyed all of the kingdoms. With the fairy council gone, it is up to the twins to save the fairy tale world, and Conner has an idea. He visits his old school, and they start to travel into Conner’s short stories to recruit heroes from his imagination. The twins face the dangers in the stories, not knowing what to expect. Can the twins successfully recruit the heroes, and defeat their uncle?

I liked this book because it was fun to read the short stories it contained, and how the twins never gave up.

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